Scientific Process
Research Work

It is the starting point of the discipline, the foundation upon which the following research work is built on.

It consists of the recompilation, analysis, and development of information, whichever its origin is:

  • Literary sources, for example published books and articles as well as information directly related to the case that has not been published but is of free access (reports, medical reports, trials and sentences, etc.)
  • Existing audio archives and video records. We can also create our own data base which allows us to obtain first or second hand information.
  • Cartography and remote sensing, as tools to obtain data about the soil where the human remains underlie, and, this way, be able to discover the changes it has experienced over the years whether these changes are due to anthropic or natural causes.

The main objective is to create an informative substratum which allows us to obtain data that will facilitate the location of that which we are searching for, be it a necropolis, common graves or individual graves.