Scientific Process
Chemical Research and soil acidity studies

It uses materials and chemical analysis systems, which are applied to the soil samples taken at the site or uses them in the area where there is possible evidence or knowledge of the existence of human remains.

Once the soil samples are taken from the site or there in the study area, chemical reagents will be applied in order to obtain data from the stratum’s content. This way, we have three variables which have to be measured to value if we can find some data from the osseous remains’ decomposition:

  • Study and analysis of the phosphates that have been absorbed and transformed by the substratum.
  • Analysis of the amount of organic matter absorbed by the ground.
  • Soil acidity studies, since the above mentioned decomposition turns it more acid.

With all this parameters we create a statistical chart, which allows us to elaborate a density map with the finding chances. This will facilitate the location of those remains.